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by Carrie Powell on October 15, 2013

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Can’t find the right label for your project? Why not make your own?

For the longest time, I had this crazy idea that there was no good way to label those adorable storage baskets because none of my favorite organizing product resources carried basket labels. I know, I was thinking way too linear, but Jen at I Heart Organizing opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of organizing meets crafting. I highly recommend checking out her blog at the link above. She is my go to source for my Organizing Candy fix!


{I’ve since started exploring my inner crafter and I’m madly inspired to take my creativity to uncharted places}

It’s easy and fun!

IMG_3383Today I’m organizing an office supply cabinet, formerly a bathroom linen cabinet that was repurposed to create more storage in our 1905 home which is sadly lacking places to put anything! I just added a few inexpensive Ikea baskets to store various supplies, while still looking cute behind the frosted glass door.

The items within each basket had gotten dare I say, a bit disorganized {gasp}! It’s true, even professional organizers have to tweak their storage spaces now and then. I had a variety of office supplies, organizing items that I use to refill my mobile organizing bag, and some reject computer accessories that were tossed in to get out of the way.

After sorting everything, redefining the categories that I wanted to stay in the cabinet, and setting up each category within the baskets, I was ready to make my labels.


Label Supply List

  • Paper Trimmer (Or in a pinch, scissors will do)
  • Single hole punch
  • Card Stock (Colored or Natural)
  • Avery 2″ x 4″ Clear Shipping Labels
  • Twine, Ribbon, or Brads









Making Your Basket Labels

Step 1: Cut your card stock into 2 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ rectangles. The ruler lines on the paper trimmer make this really easy.

Step 2: Go to Avery Design & Print Online

Step 3: Enter your label template number which can be found on the upper right hand corner of the label package. The labels we are using today are template #8663.

Step 4: Create your adhesive labels using Avery’s user friendly online software, then print out the sheet once you’re satisfied with the look you designed.

Step 5: Peel off each customized clear label and center them on your cut card stock pieces.

Step 6: Hole Punch the right and left side of the card stock to create a total of 2 holes (alternatively you could hole punch the top 2 corners of the card stock)

IMG_3391 IMG_3405 IMG_3406








My Completed Supply Cabinet

Once the labels were complete, I just applied them to the baskets using some cute brads threaded through the label hole and into the weave of my basket. After they are pushed through the basket weave, spread open the 2 ends of the brad to firmly attach it to the inside of the basket. (Make sure you buy brads that are long enough to fit all the way through the basket and still stay attached).

This whole process may sound involved but it was honestly quite fast. I think the entire project only took me a couple of hours at the most! I even decided to label my medicine cabinet and kitchen baskets too. (See all the after pictures below)

IMG_3412 IMG_3418 IMG_3421








Ok…what’s next? Send me your ideas in the comment box below!


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